Making Democracy Work


Propositions on the ballot

Home Rule Charter Amendment for a "Rainy Day Fund" and Neighborhood Security and Improvement Property Tax Amendments

Neighborhood Security and Improvement Propositions

  • Audubon Area Security District APPROVED

  • Lake Carmel Subdivision Imp. Dist. APPROVED

  • Lake Terrace Crime Prev. Dist. APPROVED

  • Lake Willow Subdivision Improv. Dist. APPROVED

  • Lakewood E. Sec. and Neigh. Imp. Dist. APPROVED

  • PW HRC Amendment APPROVED

  • Spring Lake Subdivision Imp. Dist. APPROVED

  • University Neighborhood Sec. & Improv. Dist. APPROVED

  • Upper Audubon Security District APPROVED

Home Rule Charter Amendment (PW HRC) PASSED

Parishwide Home Rule Charter Amendment Proposition

Shall Sections 3-115 and 6-201 of the Home Rule Charter of the City of New Orleans be amended to establish a "Savings Fund" as an operating fund of the City, to provide that appropriations from said Savings Fund may only be made by the City Council upon a two-thirds vote of its membership and only when one or more of the following conditions have been met: 1) a City Council declaration of emergency due to act of God, riot, war, or a grave emergency which threatens widespread loss of life or grievous injury to health or property; 2) a City Council determination that a significant loss in City revenues due to an economic downturn of serious proportions has occurred or is occurring; and/or 3) a mandate by the United States Government that has been determined by the City Attorney to be in accordance with law, and to require appropriations by the City Council to ensure a Savings Fund balance of at least five percent (5%) of the average of the previous five years of actual general fund expenditures except where any of the above conditions have been met?