Making Democracy Work

U. S. Representative 2nd Congressional District

Cedric Richmond (D)

NAME: Cedric L. Richmond
Address: P.O. Box 52405 New Orleans, LA 70152
Phone: (504) 267-5322
FAX: (504) 267-0186
PRESENT EMPLOYER/POSITION (if self-employed, what type of business):
Louisiana House of Representatives, Member
Richmond & Associates Law
HIGHEST LEVEL OF EDUCATION (include graduation date):
J.D., Tulane University School of Law
John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
CIVIC EXPERIENCE (100 word limit):
Little League coach, Goretti Playground
Baseball coach, Benjamin Franklin High School
Spirit and Truth Family Worship Center
Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club
Louisiana House of Representatives, District 101 (1999- )
Louisiana State Bar Association,
National Black Caucus of State Legislators Executive Committee & Regional Chair
National Caucus of State Legislators
American Legislative Exchange Council

1. Should campaign finance reform be a priority? What reforms would you support? What is the proper role of corporations in U.S. elections?

Campaign finance election reform is a priority of mine. Undisclosed corporate involvement will increase the power of well-financed corporations at the expense of grassroots organizations, not to mention the effect on the integrity of our elected officials. Currently, I see no justifiable place for corporations in our elections.

2. Do you support or oppose full disclosure of all political expenditures?

I support the full disclosure of all political expenditures.

3. Will you sponsor federal legislation to immediately accelerate the sharing of offshore oil and gas revenues with producing states along the Gulf Coast before the 2017 effective date, and would you support or oppose amending a bill to expedite grants from the Coastal Impact Assistance Program to those states?

For years, the people of Louisiana have shouldered the consequences associated with producing much of our nation's energy supply. Because of this, we now have to grapple with its effects -- pollution, land erosion and subsidence. We must demand real leadership from our elected officials and end this era of corporate neglect. For years I have supported Senator Landrieu in her fight to get our oil and gas royalties returned to Louisiana. In Washington, I will continue this fight, working tirelessly to ensure that Louisiana receives the maximum amount of royalties available. Accordingly, I would support amending the Coastal Impact Assistance Program to expedite the distribution of grants to the Gulf states effected by the oil spill.

4. What measures would you support to decrease the high unemployment rate?

While the economy has improved over the last year, there is more work to do. We must ensure that unemployment benefits remain in place, partner with private business to bring high paying, sustainable jobs to Louisiana, and continue to push for smart, comprehensive regulatory reform.

5. How will you balance the continuing costs of military actions with the costs of domestic needs?

While the costs of our two wars is burdensome, those costs cannot be weighed against the lives of the men and women that put their lives on the line for our safety every day.

I support a re-evaluation of the military engagements in which our armed forces are currently involved, and I agree with President Obama's plan to withdraw, as quickly as possible, in Iraq. This will not only save the taxpayers billions of dollars annually, but bring our men in women in uniform home where they belong -- with their families.