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LWVNO Initiates SB191 to Change Local Election Schedule

Gubernatorial Forum on Healthcare 9-29-2015


1215 Prytania Street, Suite 224 New Orleans., LA 70130-4547

For Immediate Release

SAVE THE DATE! Where do the Candidates Stand on Healthcare? Louisiana Gubernatorial Candidate Forum

New Orleans, LA + Campaign for Healthcare for Everyone--Louisiana will host a gubernatorial candidates' forum on Tuesday, September 29, 2015 at 6:00 PM at the Professional Schools Building (PSB), Georges Auditorium, located at 2601 Gentilly Blvd., New Orleans.

The League of Women Voters New Orleans (LWVNO) is one of the local sponsors of the forum. The public will hear gubernatorial candidates discuss issues pertaining to healthcare. Media encouraged to attend.

"This event will offer our membership and the public an opportunity to hear the candidates' stance on the important healthcare issues that pertain to our city, our state, and our country. The forum will provide an opportunity before Election Day for the public to listen to those running. We are honored to be working on this forum with many distinguished state and local organizations and we are anticipating a very lively discussion," said Rosalind Blanco Cook, LWVNO president.

This event is free and open to the public. Doors open at 5:30 pm. WDSU's Dr. Corey Hebert will moderate the forum


Women's Equality Day

August 26 marks the 93nd anniversary of the constitutional amendment that granted women the right to vote.

Monday, August 26, 2013

the League of Women Voters of New Orleans honors Women's Equality Day through a continued focus on protecting the voting rights of all voters.

The anti-voter laws that are cropping up around the country will negatively impact all voters-- young and old, rich and poor alike. As members of the League of Women Voters of New Orleans, we are working to make our democracy strong through voter registration drives. We recently undertook the legislative initiative to work with four members of our legislative delegation, Sen. Morrell, Sen. Murray, Rep. Brossett and Rep. Leger to pass Act 95, which will change the date for municipal and parish elections from the early spring schedule to the preceding fall election schedule. The initial change will occur in the fall of 2017.

"Our foremothers understood that voting provides citizens the ability to have an impact on the critical issues facing their communities. Our foremothers also understood that the right to vote was the first step in achieving equality for women," commented Francine Giugno, League President. Originally called Women's Suffrage Day, the date has been designated by Congress as Women's Equality Day However, as long as women have to fight year after year for equal pay legislation to guarantee the right to redress for inequities in salaries and working conditions between men and women, equality for women is not a reality. Women in Louisiana make sixty-nine cents for every dollar a man makes doing the same work.

"Today, as we celebrate the right to vote, the League of Women Voter of New Orleans continues to focus our efforts on ascertaining that all eligible voters have the opportunity to exercise the right to vote and we commit ourselves to the effort necessary to ensure that one day, equality for women will be a reality." Francine Giugno concluded.

For more information about the League of Women Voters, please visit or (504) 581-9106

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy thorough education and advocacy. Membership is open to men and women of all ages. With 800 affiliates across the county, the League is one of the nation's most trusted organizations.August 26 marks the 93nd anniversary of the constitutional amendment that granted women the right to vote. This year,

LWVNO Takes on Election Schedule Change SB191

April 22, 2013


After the 2010 local elections the League of Women Voters of New Orleans conducted an extensive study on the election process as it relates to the time period when elections are held. Due to intervening holidays, sporting events and the Carnival season, on-going difficulties occur every four years during the New Orleans municipal elections. As a result of the study, "Celebrate or Vote" the League requested legislation for the current session to correct the problems. SB 191 filed by State Senator J.P. Morrell and co-sponsored by Sen. Ed Murray, Rep. Walter Leger III and Rep. Jared Brossett would move municipal and parochial elections from the current early spring to the previous fall.

Prior to 1986 the elections in Orleans Parish were held in the fall with qualifying in August. Since 1986 qualifying for the mayoral and council races is in December with the primaries held in early February and the general election in early March. The inauguration occurs in early May in the middle of the city's budget year. Orleans Parish is the only jurisdiction in Louisiana holding elections in that time period.

LWVLA Convention in Natchitoches

League of Women Voters of Louisiana Schedules Statewide Convention in Natchitoches

(2.20.13) Natchitoches -- The League of Women Voters of Louisiana (LWVLA) will hold its biennial Convention at the Natchitoches Events Center, March 9-10. The theme of the 2013 Convention is Committed to Louisiana's Future.

Delegates representing local Leagues in Baton Rouge, Caddo-Bossier, Lafayette, Lake Charles, New Orleans, St. Tammany, and a new Cane River unit will participate.

"The biennial Convention is an opportunity for members from across the state to share their work on elections, voter registration, and community issues," Joyce Corrigan, co-chair of the 2013 Convention, said.

The following forums are scheduled for Saturday afternoon, and are free and open to the public. The Natchitoches Event Center is located at 750 Second Street.

"Louisiana Early Childhood Education Act" will convene at 1:30 p.m. Panelists will be Melanie Bronfin, the Director of the Policy Institute of the Louisiana Partnership for Children and Families; Dr. Pat Cooper, Superintendent of the Lafayette Parish School System; and Walter Lee, a member of the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE).

"Louisiana's Water: The Larger Picture" will begin at 2:30 p.m. Panelists include Ryan Seidemann, Assistant Attorney General of the Louisiana Department of Justice and the Chief of the Lands and Natural Resources Section, and James W. Pratt, Executive Director of the Sabine River Authority, State of Louisiana.

For more information, visit the League of Women Voters of Louisiana website at